Criteria and Architectural Design

Nurgül Ece, Architektin, Baubiologin IBN

Birkhäuser Verlag GmbH
ISBN 978-3035611793
2018 | 176 Seiten

59,95 €

Health and environmental compatibility are key issues in today’s society, not least concerning the built environment.

This book shows how buildings can be aesthetically pleasing and modern, while at the same time healthy and environmentally friendly. It explores the interrelationship between architecture as a design task and the building biology way of building.

Building biology teaches us about the holistic relationship between humans and their built environment. It combines building culture with ecology and integrates such disciplines as chemistry, biology, geology, and psychology.

Using the new building of the Institute of Building Biology + Sustainability (IBN) as a model, building biology criteria and approaches are explained in detail. Numerous additional current projects illustrate how the principles of building biology can be implemented to create architecture that is responsible, healthy, and thus sustainable.

The IBN contributed tot the content of this book.


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